Websubtitles Paypal Stripe
  • – Secure : Both companies meet the strict standards of the payment card industry and your cardholder data is stored securely.
  • – Practical : We figured this will be the easiest and safest way our clients can pay their invoices. 
  • – Inclusive : Most credit & debit cards are accepted, as well as having the Paypal balance option.

By the end of each month, we calculate the amount of minutes transcribed (or translated), and send you an invoice via email. You have the ability to personalise the invoice depending on your preferred Payment Method (Paypal or a credit card).

We accept major cards including:

  • – VISA
  • – VISA Debit
  • – MasterCard
  • – Discover
  • – JCB
  • – American Express

We apply net 30 payment terms, which means you pay your invoices within 30 full days of the invoice date.