How to use YouTube Analytics To Optimize Video Performance

Using YouTube Analytics for Video Performance Optimization

How to use YouTube Analytics To Optimize Video Performance

YouTube is currently the second most used search engine today, right after Google. In order to create brand awareness, you need to not only be active on the platform but also optimize your video’s performance in terms of organic reach.

Simply uploading YouTube videos on your channel is not sufficient. Not understanding the basic objective of your audience on your channel as well as their general response is akin to shooting arrows in the dark. To know your audience better, There’s an analytics feature equipped within the platform, It can help you optimize your channel’s average performance through several methods.

What exactly is YouTube Analytics?

Every YouTube channel comes equipped with analytics, which is essentially a tool providing creators with information and insights about their videos, their audience, their subscribers and their channel in general. Analytics can be a comprehensive tool for devising essential social media strategies and campaigns, when used in the correct manner.

You may use this tool for deriving insights in order to better understand the content style you should be publishing on your channel more often. You can gauge each of your video’s performance via the many parameters which are equipped within the tool.

However, This tool stands to be of no use unless you know how to properly use this tool. Understanding Analytics’ usage is extremely important in order to perfectly harness its efficacy.

If you are just starting out with the usage of the tool for your channel, read on to learn How to use YouTube Analytics To Optimize Video Performance

YouTube Analytics for performance optimization

YouTube Analytics encompasses the different standards or parameters which work either independently or combined to gauge how all your videos along with your channel are performing. Analysis of your channel determines the scale by which your channel strategy is affecting your performance optimization.

How can you use YouTube analytics to work for your brand?

Here’s how you can reach your goal of optimizing your channel’s performance with an organic outreach:

Regulating watch time:

The number of views you garner on your videos is no more considered a reliable indicator of your performance. Video views are now merely seen as a superfluous metric, which have little to no impact on your channel’s growth.

Watch time is what you should be now concerned about. Watch time roughly indicates the period for which one or all of the videos on your channel were watched. Watch time is calculated in total minutes for which your video has been watched. It is the one YouTube parameter that greatly impacts your channel’s growth. The more time people spend to watch your videos, the more information they gain about your channel.

Higher watch time leads to your channel’s increased presence on the YouTube platform. Increased watch time also creates brand recognition as well as brand consideration. Watch time insights can help you learn which type of video content garners better response and which of your videos leaves viewers bored.

Incorporate more content from your past videos with greater watch time to plan your potential content creation.

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