2 Easy And Free Ways to Get More Views on Youtube

Get more Youtube Views

2 Easy And Free Ways to Get More Views on Youtube

Being the world’s second largest search engine, YouTube is a popular channel for reaching out to a wide audience for promoting, entertaining, and educating on diverse topics. YouTube has nearly 22 billion visits per month and every person  spends nearly 40 minutes on an average while being on YouTube.

However, all creators looking for ways to get more views on Youtube know very well that it is is not an easy job. To get more views on YouTube, people often spend a lot of money for promoting their content far and wide. People try to tweak YouTube’s algorithm by convincing others that the inflated views on their videos is an indicator of their content’s merit (often these views are fake and purchased).

Here’s why fake views don’t work in the long run:

  • YouTube is getting better with its bot detection facility day by day.
  • Algorithms are now being designed for tracking user behavior instead of view counts
  • Buying fake views online is often expensive

If you are a content creator or marketer on YouTube wanting to enhance the number of your views for free, then brace yourself. Getting a sizeable viewership organically takes a lot of time and effort.  However, do it right and you’ll be blessed with increased views as well as an opportunity for expanding your audience viewership and your content’s outreach.

With its wide user base, YouTube is the best platform for reaching a wide variety of audiences. The platform can reach billions within the blink of an eye.

So, how can you get more YouTube views and make more people watch your content?

Here’s how:

Getting Views through Organic Searches on YouTube

Similar to Google’s organic search results, YouTube utilizes its algorithms in order to bring the most relevant content to its users.

YouTube has a wide range of parameters by which its algorithm decides content relevance from best to worst in organic search results. Here’s how you can make the algorithm work in your favor:

1. Use Keyword Rich Video Titles

Harness the power of keyword search. An interesting and descriptive video title will ensure addition of keywords to the algorithm’s repository in the context of relevance while attracting users to inform about the video’s central message. To bring about organic keyword research, you can employ SEO methods such as keyword research tools or keyword planner .

2. Have Keyword Rich Descriptions

Video descriptions are how you can inform the users and search engines about your video’s content. Click-through-rate and views will automatically increase, as viewers will solidify their expectations from your videos.

Your content needs to both be unique to stand-out as well as generic for being relatable.  You, as a creator, should strive to capture and retain interest while improving your channel’s rank through keywords. Attract users by keyword-rich descriptions while optimizing them. Use YouTube’s search engine workings like you are setting a regular SEO meta description.

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